Learning about studio photography


Are you a natural light enthusiast ready to explore the realm of studio flash? It's time to elevate your skills and bring your vision to life in a whole new dimension!, from beginners to more advanced photographers.




1. Understanding Light:

   - Types of studio lights (continuous, strobes, speedlights).

   - Properties of light (intensity, color temperature, direction).

   - Quality of light (hard vs. soft light).


2. Essential Equipment:

   - Light modifiers (softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors).

   - Light stands and booms.

   - Background options.


3. Setting Up Your Studio:

   - Positioning of lights for different effects.

   - Creating a basic three-point lighting setup.

   - Using backlights and hair lights for separation.


4. Lighting Styles and Techniques:

   - High key and low key lighting.

   - Rembrandt lighting, split lighting, and butterfly lighting.

   - Creating drama with chiaroscuro lighting.


5. Color Temperature and White Balance:

   - Understanding color temperature and its impact on mood.

   - Correcting white balance in-camera and in post-processing.


6. Posing and Directing Subjects:

   - Communicating with models and clients.

   - Posing techniques to complement different lighting setups.


7. Macro photography:

   - techniques and equipment

   - Stacking images


8. High speed photography:                  

   - techniques and equipment

   - Lighting tranparante fluids and objects.


9. Post-Processing Techniques:

   - Basic retouching and enhancing techniques.

   - Balancing and fine-tuning exposure in post.


10. Hands-On Practice:

    - Provide practical exercises for participants to apply what they've learned.

    - Critique and feedback sessions via email.






Embark on a captivating journey of light manipulation and artistic expression. Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Join us at the Studio Flash Immersion Workshop and embrace the thrill of creating your own light symphony